Band Handbooks & Calendars - 2020-2021


NRHS Student Handbook

NRHS Band Handbook

NRHS Battery Packet

NRHS Mallet Packet & Cadences

NRHS Band Required Uniform & Supplies List

NRHS Percussion Required Equipment List

May Audition Calendar 2020

Percussion June & July Rehearsal Calendar 2020

Sample of a Typical Band Camp Calendar (for 8th grade parent reference)

NEW Band Camp Calendar and Rehearsal Pods - Version 8/12/2020

2020-2021 Band Calendar

Band Camp Forms - 2020

2020-2021 Royalettes & Royalaires

2020-2021 Percussion Section

2020-2021 Band Officers

2020-2021 Marching Band Leadership


NEW Band Camp Calendar 2020

Squad List 2020

New Pregame Charts 2020

New Pregame Charts 2020 - Seniors Only

New Block Band 2020

New FB Show Charts 2020

New Contest Show Coordinates 2020

NRHS Band Warm-up Page

NRHS Band Pregame Music

Marching Basics Video Clip 1

Marching Basics Video Clip 2

Marching Basics Video Clip 3

Marching Basics Video Clip 4

Marching Basics Video Clip 5

Marching Basics Video Clip 6

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1st Quarter Forms - 2020-2021

NR Festival of Bands Itinerary & Infosheet

Band Senior Night Form

2nd Quarter Forms - 2019-2020

Holiday Ticket Order Form 2019

Holiday Concert Itinerary & Infosheet

Solo & Ensemble Entry Form

Midterm Review Packet

3rd Quarter Forms - 2019-2020

Solo & Ensemble - List of Required Scales

Solo & Ensemble - Reminders Sheet

Solo & Ensemble - Schedule 2020

Solo & Ensemble - Map of North Ridgeville

Adjudications Concert Itinerary and Infosheet

District Adjudicated Event Itinerary and Infosheet

4th Quarter Forms - 2019-2020

State Adjudicated Event Itinerary and Infosheet

State Auditorium Complete Schedule

State Gym Complete Schedule

Senior Plaque Form

Band Front Recommendation Reminder Flier

Band Front Recommendation - ONLINE FORM

Band Front Permission to Audition Form - (To be completed by parent and student)

Band Front Measurement Form

May Audition Calendar 2020

Field Commander Nomination Form

Band Officer Nomination Form

Band Banquet Formal Awards Ballot

Band Banquet Superlatives Ballot

Band Banquet Senior Accomplishments Form

Band-a-Rama & Memorial Day parade Itinerary and Infosheet

OMEA All-State Band Application and Information

Commencement Itinerary and Infosheet - (Grad Band Only)

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