With performances right around the corner - it is important for all parents to bookmark the Performances page for up to date information about all upcoming performances.  Students will have this information as part of their daily announcements and in their Google Classroom - but parents can access this information on the Band Webpage under "Performances."


With Band Camp right around the corner, I wanted to remind parents to get in the habit of checking the Band Website regularly for information:

First, parents, please bookmark the band webpage: – it is here that I will be sharing information with parents, and you can always download important forms and PDF’s from this space.  Students should already be enrolled in the Google Classroom for Band which is the “join code” of: 




– students should be enrolled in this Google Classroom because information will be sent to them on a DAILY basis here.  Especially during Band Camp – it is very important that all band members check the Band Google Classroom DAILY for important announcements, and it is recommended that students get in the habit of checking Google Classroom on their phone and have this bookmarked for quick access.  


Band Registration


While the vast majority of parents and students have completed the Band Registration process, there are a few that have not completed the registration, including, paying their class fees.  Until this step is completed, your student will not be issued a uniform.  This is a NR City Schools policy – and course fees have to be paid before school equipment is issued.




Band Picture Day is Wednesday, August 10th – which means we only have one week of camp to get all the uniforms issued.  You should have already received an email from our Band Boosters with information about Uniform Fitting Evenings, and Uniform Pickup.  Please read this information carefully and make sure that you bring your student up to the High School on the appropriate evenings so that everyone can have their uniform in time for picture day.  


Junior/Senior Uniform Pick up – 8/2 – 4:30-5:00PM

Sophomore Uniform Fittings – 8/3 – 4:00-6:00PM

Freshman Uniform Fittings – 8/4 – 4:00-6:00PM


Our parent volunteers are working very hard and it is important that all parents read the emails and bring their student up to the high school on the correct day/time for uniform pickup.  


Back-to-School Shopping


Earlier this summer a “shopping list” was sent out with a list of supplies and materials that students will need.  As a reminder, each student needs to own a white Band T-shirt (which we wear every Friday during camp – so students need that immediately,) Purple Band Polo, (which we will wear at Parent Preview Night – so students need that immediately,) Knee-length khaki shorts, khaki pants, black marching band shoes, black socks (calf-height) black marching band gloves.  If students have not ordered their marching band shoes from Royalton Music Center – parents and students need to do this immediately – otherwise they will not arrive in time for picture day.  Also – every Friday during Band Camp – students should wear their White Band T-Shirt.  So it is important that all students have their White Band T-shirt ready – because they will need that for this Friday.  




Students have their first assignments due the first week of Band Camp – which is to memorize and “check off” the 3 pregame tunes – which are the Alma Mater, Star Spangled Banner, and the Fight Song.  Students will have an opportunity to play these tunes from memory and demonstrate that they have it memorized – and can do this after rehearsals any day they feel prepared.  To start the year off right, and have a successful season, it is important that students don’t get behind with their assignments, and stay on track.  The whole month of August and the whole first quarter is designed so that students should complete a few assignments weekly and not procrastinate.  So be sure to ask your student if they have their first three assignments ready for the first week of camp.  Leading up to camp, the best thing they can do is play their instrument a little bit each day – and play through their pregame and Football Show Tunes that they received in June.


Band Camp Preparation


It is important that students prepare properly for Band Camp.  Students need to make sure they eat breakfast each morning and  students should drink at least 2 full glasses of water in the morning BEFORE they arrive to band for rehearsal.  During lunch and dinner breaks it is recommended students drink WATER and not sugary drinks that might dehydrate them.   We have water bottle filling stations throughout the high school, and students are encouraged to bring water bottles that they can refill to keep hydrated.  Students should wear appropriate light clothing for being outside all day, and students need to wear tennis shoes with socks for all parts of band camp – even the music sectionals.  Students in flip-flops, sandals, crocs, boots, or any other footwear will be sent home.  The only acceptable footwear are tennis shoes with socks.  Students are also advised to wear sunscreen and to re-apply sunscreen during the breaks.  We are outside all day, every day, and all students need to protect themselves from the sun accordingly.




We are already preparing for a few performances that will happen before the first day of school – so mark your calendars.  Parent Preview night is Thursday, August 18th at 7PM at the Stadium, and we have the first home football game – August 19th.  The NR Homedays Parade is back on for this year!  The parade will be Sunday August 28th – so make sure you mark your calendars for all these exciting performances that are right around the corner!



Drop off/Pick up


Reminder for all parents dropping students off at rehearsal all students should be dropped of AT LEAST 15 minutes before the time marked on the Band Camp Calendar – so plan accordingly.  Students should be dropped off at Door 1 (by the Flagpole) or Door 7 (under the “NR”)  The back lot will be gated so there is no access to the back of the school.  Parents should either drop off at Door 7 – the proceed left and exit behind the Middle School on to Royalton Road – OR – Pull in at Door 1 – and then exit the south Drive (Drive 4) – this keeps the flow of traffic “one way” and will assist with the drop-off process.  When parents pick up their students after rehearsal (whether in August or a Wednesday evening in the fall) parents need to PARK their vehicle in a parking space and NOT wait by Door 1 or Door 7.  This causes a massive traffic jam and affects traffic flow on Ridge as well as Royalton Road.  Please park in the parking lot – and have your student come to your vehicle for pick-up.



Band Boosters


The first Booster meeting of the year is Thursday August 4th – all parents are encouraged to join the Band Boosters and get involved with this fantastic support organization!  





For those parents that are new to our Band Family, the way that I handle absences, is I need written note – on paper – with a parent signature – before the absence.  So for doctor’s appointments, orthodontist appointments, etc.  please do not email me.  My email is flooded with more email than the average teacher – and in order to keep organized – I handle all attendance matters with paper notes with a signature.   We had a meeting for all students involved in a fall sport and band, and underclassmen students also have a mentor, so they should know exactly when they report to their sport, and exactly when they should report to band.  So there should be no confusion.  Any student who has a question about their fall sport schedule – they can speak to me after rehearsal and I can clarify.  


We are looking forward to Band Camp beginning and a fantastic season!


-Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Field Commanders, Band Officers, and Section Leaders!  All these positions have been posted in the Forms and PDF's Section as well as the Google Classroom!