I have received notice from our administrative team that effective August 1st, all activities and athletics are on hold until a final decision on our reopening plan is made.  

This means students should not report to Band Camp or to any Royalette or Royalaire rehearsals until further notice.


- The start of Band Camp is pushed back to begin Monday, August 3rd


- To Fill out and Complete the "Band Camp Understanding Form" CLICK HERE


-All upperclassmen mentors should contact their freshman and schedule at least one day (possibly two days) to meet in a one-on-one environment during the week of July 27-31.  This can be in the freshman's driveway - be sure to socially distance while working in this one-on-one setting

-Band Camp has been pushed back to Monday, August 3rd to allow all upperclassmen mentors, time to introduce and review marching basics with their freshman along with all the Pregame, Football, and Stadium Jam Music that they currently have

-Links for the Marching Basics and Fundamentals "Follow Along and March Along" Videos can be found below:

Marching Basics Video Clip 1

Marching Basics Video Clip 2

Marching Basics Video Clip 3

Marching Basics Video Clip 4

Marching Basics Video Clip 5

Marching Basics Video Clip 6

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We are very excited that with the guidance of the administration, we are rolling out "Phase 1" of the Re-opening plan, which allows for Royalettes and Royalaires to begin rehearsals in an "in-person" environment.  I have been working closely with Mr. Osborne and Mr. Gurka, and since the Royalettes and the Royalaires are the groups that rehearse in June and July, we have worked together with procedures that allow the regular rehearsals of the Band Front to take place while aligning with the state and local guidelines for re-opening.  The Royalette and Royalaire Advisors will go over and review the expectations for "Phase 1" of the re-opening plan with their groups, and Band Front Students and Parents need to complete the online Agreement and Understanding form to begin attending "in-person" rehearsals.  The link for this form can be found here:

Band Front Re-Opening Summer Rehearsal Understanding Form

This is very exciting news because not only are we able to get music and instruments out in June like we typically do,  we are also able to have our Band Front to begin rehearsing in an "in-person" format just like normal.  It is exciting to be taking the first steps towards our new season together!

As things develop and evolve during the course of the summer, and be sure to check the Band Website regularly, for updates.  So as recommendations from the state and as guidelines from administration develop, we will be sharing exactly what Band Camp will look like for the entire band later this summer.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Music and Instrument pick-up days on June 23 and 24 from 10:00AM-noon.  And if you need to order shoes - you need to contact Royalton Music directly to place your shoe order.



Congratulations to all those that made the Royalettes and Royalaires for this season.  All Band Front should use the following Link to complete the registration for Band Front.  Even if you began your band registration as an instrumentalist, and now you will be in the Band Front in the fall, use the following link.  There are instructions that explain how to proceed if you are a "Band Front Only" Band member or if you are "Band Front in the Fall and Instrumentalist the rest of the year" member.

Band Front Registration Link


2020-2021 Royalettes & Royalaires

2020-2021 Percussion Section

2020-2021 Band Officers

2020-2021 Marching Band Leadership

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned, went through try-outs, elections, went through the Zoom audition clinics, submitted percussion excerpts, submitted Field Commander Conducting videos, etc. There were so many great auditions and candidates for all of the positions and groups!  We appreciate all the time that went into the audition process, and we are excited to share the results of all the auditions and try-outs on the lists above.  Congratulations everyone! 


Senior plaques are in - seniors who would like to pick up their plaques can pick them up from outside the back Band Room door - tomorrow, Thursday 5/28 from 10AM-noon.  There will also be a box of Senior Blankets that have not been picked up.  The blankets have been wrapped and labeled with each student's name.  Please pick up your items.  Students will not be able to enter the building, so all items will be OUTSIDE the back band room door.  Any plaques that are not picked up on Thursday 5/28 from 10-noon will be moved to the main office, and students can pick them up from the main office after that point.


Thank you for everyone who watched our Band Banquet last night. It was a great evening and a great send off for our seniors. Thanks to all the seniors that contributed to the Senior Video and slideshow - it was the highlight of our event last night!

As stated at the banquet last night, myself and the other directors will be "signing off" on Google Classroom and you will need to  refer the Band Website  here - particularly the "Director's Notes" Page for information and details regarding the summer, band camp and the fall. 

Everyone be sure to watch the submitted videos and vote for the best candidates in all the positions. 

Congratulations to all the seniors as you graduate, and to all the underclassmen - be watching the Band Webpage for updates for:

Royalette Auditions
Royalaire Auditions
Percussion Auditions
Field Commander Tryouts
Band Council
Marching Band Leadership

As a reminder, our Marching Band Leadership Clinic and 2 days of sectionals and rehearsals will not be taking place on June 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Instruments and music for the upcoming season will be distributed at a later time.   

Because of the Covid-19 shutdown, the Senior Plaques are not ready from the factory.  Once they are in, we will find a way to get your senior plaques to you.

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