-Reminder that the report time is early this Friday (4:00PM) because we will be serving dinner for students before the game.

-The band will be performing the full contest show as a Post-Game Performance following the football game this Friday


-Information is posted for the first two competitions - and a full Itinerary and Info Sheet can be found on the Performances Page

-Students should continue selling fruit for the Band Fruit Sale through their family, friends, and neighbors.  Even though the "door-to-door" part of the Fruit Sale is over - students can continue advertising and selling the fruit - and reach out to family members that might live further away - by utilizing the online sales feature.


-Students are currently signing up for Fruit Sale partners for our door-to-door Fruit Sale Saturday - which is September 18.  All band members must participate in this important fundraiser - details will be explained during band

-The Itinerary and Infosheet for the NR Festival of Bands has been posted in the Performances Page


-The Band Calendar has been corrected with the updated Contest Saturdays for the fall.  Re-download the Band Calendar  - and make sure you and your family are using the updated calendar.  (Ver. 8/2021 in bottom righthand corner).  The Band Calendar can be found on the "Forms and PDF's" Page




-The FB Game Performances for the 1st Quarter have been updated - Click on the Performances Page for details and information