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5/29 Broadview Heights Memorial Day Parade

7:45 AM Band Room unlocked – Those who play a school instrument – report and load 

8:00 AM NRHS Locked – Truck Leaves with Instruments

8:20 AM Report at the Crossings Shopping Center

8:30 AM Get Instruments off Truck – Warm Up in Parade 8’s 

9:00 AM Parade Step-Off

9:45 AM NRHS and BBHHS Band combine to perform America the Beautiful at the ceremony

10:30 AM Load big instruments on the Truck – or dismissed if you own your own inst.

10:45 AM Unload instruments back at NRHS Everyone must unload their own inst.

11:00 AM Dismissed

Parade Route: The Crossings Shopping Center to the Broadview Center Community Building

Attire: Purple Band Polo, KNEE-LENGTH KHAKI SHORTS, Black Marching Band Shoes, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Black Belt

**Get Dropped off at Cozumel Shopping Center by 5/3 Bank**
**Have a car at the Broadview Center/ECC or plan on being picked up there**
**Car Pool if Possible**


Download the Itinerary and Infosheet for this performance

6/2 Commencement - (Grad Band)

4:15 PM Report and Attendance
4:30 PM Load Truck
4:45 PM Depart for State Theater
5:45 PM Unload Truck
6:00 PM Doors Open to the public
6:05 PM The "Pre-Graduation Band" Sits down/tunes up
6:10 PM Pre-Graduation Concert
6:45 PM Seniors go Line Up
6:50 PM The "Commencement Ceremony Band" Sits down/tunes up
7:00 PM Commencement Begins 

8:30 PM Load

8:45 PM Depart for NRHS
9:45 PM Put Away Stands/Instruments

Guys: Shirt/Tie/Slacks

Girls: Dress
This is a formal event!

  • Remember to Bring your own Grad Band Folder before you depart

  • Load your own stand onto the truck – if you don’t load a stand, you will

    not have one when we get there to the State Theater

  • EVERY Grad Band Folder Returns to the Box when we arrive back at the


  • Seniors need to make sure an underclassmen/stand partner is responsible


    • Putting their instrument away

    • Putting their Grad Band Folder Back in the Box

    • Getting their instrument back to the HS and put back in the correct


Download the Itinerary / Infosheet for this performance

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